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Friday, January 29, 2010

Is it cold enough for you... Artic Blast Freebie

Here is the Scrapkit Challenge for this month. Stay warm, today is the coldest it's been all year. Today's high was 27 degrees. Tomorrow's high is 29. We're in the Artic... so here's the kit to go along with it.

Did you see my add-on to go along with Kitten Scraps Princess kit? Check my last post. The colors are gorgeous.

Artic Blast Papers

Artic Blast Elements

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm back! and a Freebie

I don't know how many of my readers know about Nathalie MacKay of Kitten Scraps. She's creating two kits simultaneously giving out papers or elements almost daily (I don't know how she does it with her full house). One kit is called Mischief and has bold colors of red, blue, yellow and green. The other kit is called Princess and has soft colors of pink, blue, green and yellow.

Nathalie put up a challenge for her readers to either make quick pages or add-ons to her kits and I took that challenge. I choose the Princess kit to work with. I absolutely love those soft colors.

If you'd like to see her kits go to her blog here.

Download Here

Stay tuned for "Artic Blast" this months kit the members of Scrapkit Challenge are working on.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Small Freebie

Sorry for not blogging in soooo long. I've been extremely busy. Last month it was the holidays and cleaning up from after our vacation. Now it seems like we do school, HW, therapy for DS, dinner and workout. (DH and I started a weight loss program for the New Year. We need it for our health.) Weekends are for shopping and running errands.
Anyway here is what I started for the ScrapKit Challenge. Never got around to finishing it.
This months theme is Artic Blast. The colors are very pleasing! Stay tuned for that!

Anyway, here is the freebie!
Download Here