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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Add on for Pamela's Year in Review Kit - Giggle

Went to my son's gastro doc today because he throws up more than normal. The doc said the funniest thing... he has the "happy" spit ups. He said it should go away with time, gave him more reflux meds and told us to come back in a month.
I went back to doc too. The antibotics, although they were strong, didn't kick the bug out of me. My blood work came back normal. Now I'm on Predisone for 10 days.
As promised, I've made another add on for Pamela's Giggle kit. I'll try to do the same for the Shout and Smirk kits as well... time permitting. If you want a different color, please let me know. I choose three colors (one girlish, one boyish and one neutral).

Going to start looking for ideas for my "Boys Times" kit.

Download Here

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's coming...

Besides the blog train that will be coming the first week in April, something different is coming. I'm going out on the limb here. I made my own color pallet for a new boy kit. If you would like something special in this kit let me know. If you'd like a different color added, let me know that too. Here are the colors I came up with. Do you like them? I want to do something else for Pamela's kits at Digitreats before I start this kit.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Tree / Heritage Part 4

I knew I couldn't go without making an addition to this kit. I enjoyed working with these colors and it shows in my creations. The blog train for this should be up sometime the first week of April as our links are due by the 2nd so they can be put in one code for you.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions for new kits. Some requests were boys kits, summer activities (including fishing, camping, swimming). I even got one for family lose (sorry Mary in NC) I wouldn't know were to begin with that one as there are many beliefs and my mom's passing is so fresh is my heart.

I've done a boy kit in the past and it was well liked by my viewers. I may do another of that or summer activities. Going to look for a color pallet.

Now I'm going to work on another add-on for Pamela's kits.... stay tuned.

Download Here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Tree / Heritage Part 3

It's been a while since I had this packaged. I've finally had a minute or two before I take my son to doc for his MRI, to post. This part has three alphas... gold and silver lower case only, patterned one upper and lower case.

I knew the count meter hasn't been working correctly at 4shared so please leave me a message. Let me know what type of kit you would like me to work on next. I need suggestions, I work better that way... hehe.

Download Here

Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Tree / Heritage Part 2

Here is part 2 for my Family Tree kit. Part 3 is done too. I just have to package it up. Look for it this weekend.

All is not going to well. My son has been throwing up often and has had tremors for a while when eating or building blocks. We went to the neurologist and she said he looked fine but wants to send him for an MRI of the brain. That appointment is on the 19th. Speaking of nerves... lol.

Myself, on the other hand, I've had sinsus pressure and headaches for a couple of days and shortness of breath. When to doc. She gave me two prescriptions and wants me to go for an electrocardiogram soon. This has got me worrried as my mother had heart problems since she was in her 40's too. Speaking of nerves... I'm starting to tremor now... lol.

Anyway, here is part 2.
Download Here
P.S. If you didn't grab part 1 it was posted on March 2nd.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nobody's perfect and Giggle color scheme (Edited)

Sorry about the double link to the same download. I guess that's what happens when you're in a rush and the two titles are almost the same. I fixed the link below and put the new link here too. Thanks to anonymous for letting me know. Than again, I was wondering why that link didn't have any downloads.

Don't forget to pick up the giggle color scheme too...

Sorry for the inconvience.

Fixed Link for Months sm add 0n Here Months g add on Here

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wow! Pamela said YES!!!!

Pamela from Digitreats said she would love to post my add-on to her Shout kit on her blog. She said she'll post the link on Saturday. I'm overjoyed. I've never done add-ons before and I'm honored that Pamela said yes. For those of you that don't know about her kits... She has three color schemes and posts one "something" from one of the three kits almost every day. The theme is A Year in Review. I don't know how she does it with three kids but her work is amazing.

This add-on is just some simple word art for the months of the year done in her shout colors. I'm planning on doing the same thing for the other color schemes. Possibly doing numbers and a couple of years in the same style. Who knows what may come next.
Download Here

As an added bonus I have an add-on to the Smirk kit also. I'll work on the Giggle add on next.

Download Here Now Fixed... Sorry for the inconvience. :(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Tree / Heritage is the new kit for the March

Hi friends, I hope everyone had fun on the blog train. I believe you do have the whole month to get to each of the stops.

This month the group is doing a Heritage / Family Tree mega kit. We're already planning a blog train for that too. I'll still post my parts as usual when I get each part done. This month I'm extremely early and almost done with this kit. I came up with my idea and the rest of the kit kind of fell into place. This kit has trees, leaves, bark, a man and a woman (some placed in frames), word art (not fancy, just family members), brads and some other fun stuff too. Stay tuned...

Download Here

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girl Power / Valentine Blog Train

Since Scrap Kit Challenge no longer has a website for people to come download the kit of the month, a few of us are holding a blog train with our parts of the kit. All you need to do is go from blog to blog and collect the goodies. The links will take you to one specific entry at each designer's site. Some designers have multiple parts for their kit, so you may wish to wander around each blog before moving to the next site. My link will take you to the week 3 that I made for Girl Power / Valentine. Everything is color coordinated so you will end up with a huge mega kit!

A Fish Design ---> you are here
Humbug Graphics Galore
Kathy's Scraps
Morgaine Creations
Ryn Creations

Here is the preview for my entire kit. I'll repost the links below for those that want everything in one spot.

download 1 Here

download 2 Here

download 3 Here

download 4 Here

And a tiny new add-on... some more borders thanks so Scrappin' Cop.

And this tiny link Here