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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stars Abound... Boy-ish Kit

I have a new release for you today.  It is part of the Mixology at  For those of you that are new here, the kit will be on sale for $1.20 for the first two weeks than the price will go up to $1.99.   So get it while you can.

These colors just lend themselves to a boyish kit!  Bold blue, green, red, orange and yellow make it stand out.  See what I mean?

Star Inspiration!
No pun intended!  LOL

I'm really surprised that I didn't get a bunch of emails about not including the coupon code celebrating my DigiVersary in the last post.  Tell me in the comments how you'd like me to make it up to you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Digi-Versary Activities

This month is a year since I've opened my store at!!!!

You've got to join the fun!!!  Win prizes and get some free stuff!

Here's a coupon for the first 5 people to use it.
$2.50 off anything in my store here