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Friday, April 9, 2010

A mini mini freebie

Well this month came and gone and I forgot all about finishing this kit from Scrapkit Challenge. I've been doing kits for that Challenge for over a year now. Unfortunately the participation there is shrinking. The April colors are red, black and white and is called Formal. Unfortunately, those colors and theme aren't appealing to me. Maybe I'll add yellow and do a "Disney-ish" kit... but I'll see.
I am working on the color pallet at Stuff to Scrap. I think this will be flowery and pretty.
It's the ideas and color pallets I have a hard time coming up with. Maybe I'll look into doing collabs with friends... anyone interested. LOL.
Anyway, here is the mini-mini.

download disabled.....  This freebie does not meet up to my designing standards so I removed the link.