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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love My Pets Alpha

Today, you'll get the alpha to go with this kit. The blog train will be posted shortly after June 2nd.

I went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway in New York City last night. It was spectacular. Some scenes are the same from the movie and some were different. The children actors were fantastic. I've never been to a Broadway show before and loved it immensely. It was an expensive evening but well worth it even though we got the tickets at group rates. Train ride, lunch, dinner, cab, show, sitter and our visit to the Disney store brought our trip expenses to over $450. WOW!

On a scrapping note, I've finally figured out how to load Atomic Cupcake actions into my program. Look for some of those actions in my kits. I'm playing with them in the Boys Times kit. Who knows what I'll come up with. lol.

Download Here

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love My Pets Part 2

Here is part 2 for Love My Pets. This kit isn't that big. No time on computer lately.
My DH went for a consultation to have Lap Band surgery today. He wants to have it done after we get back from Florida in December. Doc can have him in by the end of August. He has to go for a battery of tests for clearance for the surgery. DS has his Upper GI scheduled for Friday. Lately it seems like its docs everywhere.

Download Here
Part 3 is just the alpha and that will be up tomorrow or Friday... with my luck Friday. lol :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love My Pets and my ramblings...

Love my pets is the new kit Scrapkit Challenge has been working on this month. As we've been doing the last couple of months, there will be another blog train.
I haven't had much time to myself at all the last couple of weeks. Computer time was maybe 30 minutes a day if I was lucky. I've worked everyday. The days I didn't work, I had DD doctor, DS doctor. The past two weekends we helped a friend move. They live an hour away. There went my weekends and my computer time.

This kit isn't at all what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to have the pet and the paw print each on its own paper. I wanted to have brads and mats with both on them too. The ideas were there but the time wasn't. Maybe in the future... who knows.

Now since Pamela isn't designing and I am, I'm finding there aren't as many freebies that I find interesting anymore. The kits I do see that I like, sell them and give a QP as a freebie. I don't do QP's.

I've only added one thing to the boy kit since I wrote last. I told you that I work better with deadlines. The response hasn't been that good with those DLs. Maybe once the elements go on, friends will grab the whole kit then.

Anyway, here's what you've come for...

Download Here

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boys Times Wooden Tile Alpha

It has been a rough week. It is amazing how much a 7 year old actually does for herself. I realized that this week helping my DD so much with the cast on.

I am heart broken that Pamela called it quits. I looked so foward to getting to the computer to see what she came up with every day. I don't know how she did it. I don't think I'll ever post daily... than again, only time will tell. I hope it isn't burn out. :(
Anyway, I'm still working on her add-ons.

Here is the Boys Times Alpha...

Don't mind my preview... I'm still learning. LOL

Download Here

Friday, May 1, 2009

Home Improvement Blog Train had arrived

Sorry its been so long since I posted anything. Life has been extremely busy. My son has to go for an Upper GI series (he's only 3). He vomits a lot. Doc wants to check for reflux, narrowing of the esphogus (sp), etc. My daughter is now in a cast from her shoulder down to her hand. She dislocated her elbow playing on the playground at school last Friday. It happened right under my eyes. She fell on top of Philip but he is fine. Four hours in the hospital and a pediatric surgeon later to tell us no surgery was needed. What a horrible weekend thinking the my Molly (7) would need surgery. Now she can bearly do anything. She is righty and this is her right arm. How horrible for the both of us.

Enough about my life... The Blog Train has arrivedat my station.

A Fish Design
Humbug Graphics Galore
Ryn Creations
Trixy DoodleBugs
4 Heart Design

Here are the links for this kit.
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here
Part 3 Here

Did everyone here about Digitreats? Pamela called it quits today. What a shocker!!!She will be sorely missed. She is a fantastic designer. I still have a couple of freebies started that I will post shortly.