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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's coming...

Besides the blog train that will be coming the first week in April, something different is coming. I'm going out on the limb here. I made my own color pallet for a new boy kit. If you would like something special in this kit let me know. If you'd like a different color added, let me know that too. Here are the colors I came up with. Do you like them? I want to do something else for Pamela's kits at Digitreats before I start this kit.

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Jeff said...

The colors that you have picked look great and I am excited that you are making a boy kit! Boy kit's are hard to find. My son and the boys in the neighborhood are constantly in the backyard working on their "fort" which they made out of all kinds of sticks and logs that they found in the woods that we have. They also have signs on it such as fort "xyz", No Girls, Boys only, etc. They are into skateboarding, and the dogs. Oh and of course they have all there "weapons" stashed away because every time they are out there something turns into a mock battle. Finally they have managed to gather all kinds of stuff like old paint cans, a tire. rope/string, and of course sticks to play like a band. Sometimes they manage to actually come up with a pretty good tune. Just some thoughts of what goes on in the neighborhood here since the boys always manage to wind up in my backyard woods. I think it is because we are the only parents that will let them be boys and build their treasured fort to hang out in. It looks like a big tepee of sticks right now and will most likely become something else eventually when they get bored with it. The ages here are from 10 - 14. Just some thoughts.