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Friday, November 22, 2013

November News straight from my desk...

It's been a busy couple of months for me and thank goodness this month is almost over.

My daughter has been practicing for her school play "Stars on Broadway" almost every day for the past two months.  The play is Monday night.  I can't wait to see it.  It promises to be AMAZING!  She is a great singer for a seventh grader.  She just told me at dinner that she has the mic on her for three songs!  She is just growing up too fast.  And her report card was amazing and the teachers just love her.  I just wish she was that "nice" to her brother.  She made the high honor roll for the first marking period.

My son is a very hard worker and will do well in time.  He so wants to achieve.  He just got a book from a friend from Australia and read over 60 pages in two days.  Mind you he is only in second grade.  He is definitely a boy after his fathers heart.  He LOVES anything wrestling just like his father!

My dad is mostly wheelchair bound now after falling down a flight of stairs just before Thanksgiving last year, and after his neck surgery, which if he didn't have, he would have been paralyzed.  He relies on me to take him out, do his shopping and do his laundry because he can't go down into the basement.

DH is always there and helps get the kids off to school every morning because I leave for work before everyone even gets up.  We don't get to spend much time together lately because he leaves for work only a couple of hours after I get home.

So you could see, I keep myself pretty busy with family.  And on top of that I have this passion that I just can't stop.  I think you all know what that is... DESIGNING!!!

I put Seasons of Change in my store at SNP.  And it is 50% off for the first week.  I just love the muted tones with the pops of yellow and orange.

My newest, never seen before item, is a set of Quick Pages.  These I made using my favorite kit (so far) Just Lovely.  This kit is so flexible it could be used for any pic showing love and compassion.  Not to mention it is just perfect for Valentine's Day!
This set of Quick Pages will also be on sale for the first week of release.

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