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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Speed Scrap Fun and a bunch of other stuff

Hi there!  Lots going on this week.
First, I'm hosting a Speed Scrap Friday night at 8 pm EST at SNP.

And the participation prize is this template!

It's been a while since I mentioned anything about my personal life but here is what has been going on...
mid-November my father fell down the steps going into his basement.  At the time it seemed like it was just a bad bang on his head and a little more damage to the already torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder which was already a hassle.  Fast forward early January... he was having more and more trouble walking with his already bad legs from a fall MANY years ago.  It got to the point where he couldn't even stand and had no bathroom control.  As it turns out, the fall pushed the spinal cord onto a nerve and it wasn't allowing the spinal fluid to travel down to the legs.  Without surgery he would have been paralyzed.  He did have the surgery and 100 days rehab (all that insurance allows).  Now he is home and needs almost constant care... washing, cleaning himself and cooking.  A life could change so dramatically so quickly!!! 

You remember the Designer Darling Competition at Stuff to Scrap that I participated in.   You know I made it to the final round!   Well, I was asked to join their design team and of course I said yes.  Some of the other designers from the final round also joined the team.  And they are already set up in the store.  It took me this long because all I had going on in my personal life.  Not to mention a full time job and a family!!!

On June 1st I'll be opening my store at STS  (NO I'm not closing the store at SNP).  And I'll be having a Grand Opening Sale from June 1st through June 15th.  Everything will be 50% off at STS.

Look for Travelling Stan and Stan N Stella as exclusive products at STS.
Travelling Stan was my week 5 entry into the Designer Darling Contest with the corrections that were needed.  Stan N Stella was my week 3 submission with much more stuff added!!!

June 1st Bits N Pieces is releasing at SNP.  I'm really excited about this one.  It is called BFF.  The colors are really fun to work with.

June 15th is my 1 Year Anniversary at SNP.  Look for fun activities that I will be planning for that.


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